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The head in the Indiana Jones Adventure ride

The entrance for the Indiana Jones Adventure ride

Indiana Jones ride beginning

Jungle Cruise 1961.jpg
Jungle Cruise 1961

Jungle Cruise Elephant.jpg
An elephant in the Disneyland Jungle Cruise attraction.

Jungle Cruise Departs.jpg
A boat of passengers departing for the Jungle Cruise.

"Drink up me hearties yo ho"

Star Tours death-star.jpg
A photo of the Death Star from the Cinematic from Star Tours the Adventure Continues.

Star Tours Ship.jpg
A Photo of the Star Tours attraction in Tokyo Disneyland. The Tokyo ride is just like the ride in the original Disneyland.

Close up of the original entrance sign for the Star Tours ride

Original Star Tours Entrance

The "Take a Wench for a Bride" scene at Disneyland, California.

Pirates of the Caribbean sign at Disneyland

Post-2000 Autopia Cars.jpg
Post-2000 era Autopia Cars.

AutopiaCar Mark I.jpg
Autopia Car Mark I.
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